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Pocketses by gcrows | The Hobbit and LOTR parody shirt for only $10

"Pocketses" by gcrows

Shirt: Brown | Hoodie: Brown

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Pocketses by gcrows | The Hobbit parody shirt for only $10

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Artist Name: gcrows


About: I live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a graphic designer and web developer. I\'ve been drawing all my life and have always been a lover of science fiction.

I've been re-reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the movie release. And this is the result. Hope you enjoy this piece. This design doesn\'t have to be on brown but will work on forest green as well.

I would like thank my family and friends that have supported me in this journey, the people that have followed and assisted me, and of course to the find people at TeeRaiders for giving me an opportunity to submit.

I would also like to add a shout out to the Atomic Geeks at theatomicgeeks.com and especially AtomicGeekDowns for all his help and support.


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